Camera Tricks! Are They Ever OK?

I’m trying out this new discussion feature for the first-ever time. I want you to share your thoughts, opinions and powerful magical beliefs. I’ll be online tonight to reply; join me.

Camera Tricks, are they ever OK?

I’ll be honest, I’ve worked on three projects which used camera tricks. All three times were unplanned and tidy-up only. Small tweaks in the edit that would stop someone on YouTube from figuring out the method if they rewound the magic trick and played it back frame by frame.

Imagine you just spent $70,000 shooting a magic trick, and then you get to the edit, and you flashed the method in three frames… what do you do? Cut the trick from the show? Genuinely, I want to know.

Many successful consultants use the “If the audience at home experience the same trick as the people in the show, it’s allowed” justification.

Can you use a jump cut to get past a force in a magic performance? Can you cut away from the magician making a special move? If you flashed the method to the camera (but not the spectator), can you drop in a shot where you didn’t flash from another performance? Can you pretend the spectator is just someone random? Is this too many questions?

Where do you draw the line? When is something a camera trick, and when is a camera trick unacceptable in magic? 3, 2, 1… discuss.